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Self-adhesive paper - type of material, which can be used in printing industry for making different kinds of products. Self-adhesive paper consists of three layers: substrate, adhesive layer  and paper layer (face paper) , made from specially treated cellulose. We offer Self-adhesive paper with high grade from european and chinese suppliers.

Size: 50*35cm, 50*70cm, 70*100cm.
With the slit cut and without slit cut.


Cellulosic board -  board for packing with the coated face side and cream back side. High rates of bulk and stiffness made this board highly popular at the packing products market.It can be recommended for manufacturing high-quality full-color packaging of dry foods, confectionery, cosmetics and non-food products. We offer the board from the leading chinese suppliers. We have wide range of thickness and sizes.


Foil for hot stamping


Stamping by hot foil allows to apply metallic or color image to a wide range of materials, including those with uneven surfaces. The only requirement for the such material — resistance to stamp temperature. 

Sizes: 64cm * 120m, 64cm * 240m, 64cm * 360m.

Color: gold,silver,color,holographic.


Foil for cold stamping

Cold stamping — quite cheap process, which can let to improve the design of printed products without increasing of its cost.It can help to the printers, who did not provide the stamping service before, to come out to the new market. Recently cold stamping foil had a promising reputation but with the sophisticated technology and just few could use it. Today, with the development of the adhesives and special foil, this technology became available for all printers, who have printing lines.


Format: 128cm * 6000m.

Color: gold,silver.



Lamination film protects printed production againts polutions, mechanical and chemical influences, increases service life and provides more aesthetic appearance. Matt films gives the surface a certain nobility, product looks more expensive. Glossy film makes the image brighter and juicier. The product can be processed by additional finishing operations after coating, such as creasing, folding and stamping.  

Type of film: glossy, matt, holographic, metalised.

Width: 300-700mm.

Thickness: 16-20 mcrn.

Length of roll: 3000m.


Our company is official distributor of the turkish producer TEKNOVA. And together we can offer to you the folowing products:

* Wash for blanker and rollers Turquoise Wash 60/100
* Founts solutions Alfa Plus, Nova Fount and Nova Plus.
* Plate cleaner NOVAFIX PLUS
* Anti set-off powder 15/25 mcrn
* Plate developer
* Cleaning paste for rollers Super Clean


This product is very important for present offset printing process. It helps to solve some tasks and it provides high quality of printing. It gives:

  • high-quality transfer of ink's layer from a plate to paper;
  • high-quality vibration compensation which appears during the transfer process;
  • stable transportation of the paper inside printing machine;
  • saving the shapes of the dots on the paper.

We have folowing  offset blankets:
*in reel, width: 780mm, 920mm, 1060mm, 1350mm, 1450mm.
*in sheets,with bars, sizes: 490*415mm, 520*440mm, 520*520mm, 772*624mm, 791*665mm, 889*626mm, 1052*840mm, 1060*860mm


UV-lacquering it is coating by lacquer of the whole printing surface or its certain parts. Partial lacquering of some image fragments can be called screen lacquering. Using of this method of post-printing processing helps to reach unique and expressive design of the booklets, covers and bookbindings and other printing products. Roller Uv Coating applies as an alternative of the lamination film for protecting the product's surface from abrasion, dust, moisture. Our company  is cooperating with the turkish producer LANER for a long time and we are official distributor of LANER's products on the market of Uzbekistan. We can offer the products for lacquering the whole printing surface so for screen too. Also we have the lacquers for flexo printing. 




September is the hottest working time for preparing calendars for future year. For the several last years the design of them is changing and improving. Today the assortment of the kinds of calendars is quite wide. Our company can offer the following consumables for calendars making:

*Metallic comb (white, black)
F: 1/4 (6,5 mm) 84 000 loops
F: 5/16 (7,9 mm) 60 000 loops
F: 3/8 (9,5 mm) 43 000 loops
F: 7/16 (11,1 mm) 32 000 loops
F: 1/2 (12,7 mm) 24 000 loops
F: 9/16 (14,3 mm) 18 000 loops

*Calendar hanger (white, black)
F: 17cm, 32 cm

*Cursors for calendars




Creasing matrix is using:

1. to provide high-precision of the creasing on the board or  на картоне или corrugated board, it guarantees the quality.
2. to avoid the problems because of incorrect creasing, which can appear in next step in folder-gluer equipment. 
3. Using of the creasing matrixs helps to decrease equipment setup time, it doesn't require highly skilled manual work, because the matrixs are standardized in depth and width.

We have following sizes:


Offset inks  can be qualified by various printing and technical properties, which defines the quality of printing work and final look of the products. Our inks are suitable for printing on all known models of sheet-fed offset printing machines large, medium and small format. Also we have a wide range of the pantone's colors with high quality and good prices.
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